The Canary in the (UIUC) Coalmine.

Canaries were used by coalminers to detect poisonous gases, typically carbon monoxide, as the little birdies were (and are) far more sensitive to such things than humans.  What’s apparently called an “animal sentinel.”

Well.  I’ve said since the Salaita affair struck over a year ago that the whole thing was largely underlaid by the push for the UIUC College of Medicine — the COM.  At the time too many were too focused on Jewish influence (and probably too many still are), but, as these “supplemental” emails from UIUC now begin to show, my animal sentinel instincts were right all along — it’s the COM, stupid.

We’re only in the beginning of this unfolding nightmare, with only more damage to come for everyone and everything involved, the UIUC management, the sycophant professors, the new-speaking functionaries,1 the good reputation of UIUC, the outlook of the students,2 etc. etc.  And while I hardly think I’m the only person to have seen early signs of the oncoming storm, I do want to get something out there — I warned numerous people in the university of what was likely coming two years ago.

This is a story I’ve been revealing bits and pieces of in earlier posts: the Research Park, the nepotism there, the unbelievable concentration of power in Laura Frerichs, the head of the Research Park, and how I saw that concentration of power as dangerous — and how I suffered for trying to communicate my concerns to UIUC management — Chancellor Wise included.

The time has clearly come to talk about this more — about Frerichs and how she works at least partially for Peter Fox, the billionaire developer who built the Research Park, who seems to want to build the COM (when something’s built), and who is apparently legendary for engaging in scorched-earth maneuvers to get what he wants.  The time has come to talk about how Frerichs, Fox, and a bunch of other powerful monied locals served as the special advisory group to Wise on building the COM3–  and how they operated in even more secrecy than I’d thought, not only leaving out any community representation, but probably using personal emails for most of their important remote discussions.4

So let me start this process of telling more with my attempt to communicate with Carol Kraus Lauffer, the woman Laura Frerichs brought in (for $35K as I recall) to opine favorably on the building of the COM.  I found out that Kraus Lauffer was interviewing people in CU for her “cluster report,” tried to talk to her, and was unable to do so.

Fine.  Not a problem.  So then I wrote her the following letter … Frerich’s response to her about what to do about what I’d written was heavily redacted by UIUC-FOIA, and my appeal of those redactions is still on appeal to the Illinois AG’s office, which I believe is doing its best to suppress any responses to my appeals.5

Here’s the email:

the_canaryBoy, in retrospect that looks … prophetic …

  1. Robin Kahler, for her statement to the News-Gazette, “I said the same thing I say to everyone: ‘If you don’t want to see it in the paper, don’t put it in an email.'”  See News Gazette 8/16/15 []
  2. Who now apparently must be told that “while plagiarism is bad and unethical, avoiding FOIA ‘because you are doing it for the U’ is good.” []
  3. As I wrote in January of this year, these people were/are:

    1. Phyl­lis Wise — Chan­cel­lor of UIUC;
    2. Ile­sanmi Adesida — Vice Chan­cel­lor for Aca­d­e­mic Affairs and Provost,UIUC;
    3. Dan‎ Peterson — Vice Chan­cel­lor, Insti­tu­tional Advance­ment, Senior Vice Pres­i­dent, UI Foundation;
    4. Michael DeLorenzo — Asso­ciate Chan­cel­lor, UIUC;
    5. Pradeep Khanna — Asso­ciate Chan­cel­lor for Cor­po­rate and Inter­na­tional Rela­tions, UIUC;
    6. Laura Frerichs — UIUC Research Park Direc­tor, UIUC Direc­tor of Eco­nomic Development;
    7. Peter Fox — “Peter B. Fox is the Founder of Fox Devel­op­ment Cor­po­ra­tion (FDC), a real estate devel­op­ment firm which devel­ops, man­ages, and leases approx­i­mately 1.5 mil­lion square feet of office and retail space in Cham­paign, Illi­nois”;
    8. Jim Leonard — Pres­i­dent & CEO, Carle Foun­da­tion Hospital;
    9. Greg Lykins – Chair­man of First Busey and a direc­tor of Busey Bank and Busey Wealth Man­age­ment, Inc; and,
    10. Rick Stephens, founder, Hori­zon Hobby.

    See my January 2015 post — Big Guns []

  4. The “supplemental” emails on the COM are the barest brushing away of the thick layers of obscurants, since UIUC warrants only that these emails were “relevant to the COM,” not how they picked them or what else is out there that was on personal emails and involved university business. []
  5. I have various bits of evidence of this. []

One thought on “The Canary in the (UIUC) Coalmine.

  1. E.E.

    Laura “won” a Chancellors’s Award for Excellence this year. Not only it is is it a huge honor on campus to receive this, there is also a monetary award and permanent addition to the winner’s salary.

    It’s hugely irritating that Phyllis dirtied this too.

    It feels like there’s a lot more rot that needs to be rooted out.


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