Good Thing Ms. Ethics is Developing the Curriculum for Doctors at Carle

As I recall the university spent at least 100K to argue that the Salaita FOIA filings for 10,000 emails shouldn’t go forward because the public interest in those emails was “no more than the interest in the Kardashians,” or some such lawyer-induced brilliant argument.

As I recall from FOIA law, the loser in a FOIA suit has to pay the winner’s legal fees, so that would mean UI not only paid the 100K to its own lawyers but also the costs for Salaita’s Chicago counsel in that FOIA suit, that’s NOT the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), but rather Loevy and Loevy, so more $$$$$$ for UIUC to pay.

As far as that 1.2M UIUC spent on its own lawyers, query how much went to pursuing the INTERNAL ethics investigation by those expensive Chicago lawyers when they had to investigate Wise’s hiding/shredding emails.  That wasn’t $ wasted on the Salaita case — that was $ wasted on Wise and co.’s hideous malfeasance.

Oh, but she didn’t know you had to produce personal emails.  And yet when you go through the old emails there are plenty that expressly say that all emails regarding university business are subject to FOIA.

Good thing that Wise has moved on to developing curriculum for doctors … it’s not as if THEY have high standards of ethics to uphold?

(letter to the News-Gazette, see Ms. Ethics)

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